• 15 Nov 2021, 11:33
  • Luis

Cheap flights from Cairo to the Maldives for only €201!

Super cheap flights from Cairo, Egypt to the Maldives for only €201 return with Etihad!

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  • 10.4.2020 18:56
  • Luis

Business class flights from the Middle East or Switzerland to New Zealand from $523 one-way!

Cheap, Business class flights from Dubai, Cairo, Amman or Zurich from only $523 one-way with Oman Air & Malaysia Airlines!

  • 9.10.2019 21:45
  • Luis

XMAS, NYE & SUMMER: Business class flights from Cairo to Bangkok for only €665!

Cheap, Business class flights from Cairo, Egypt to Bangkok, Thailand for only €665 rooundtrip with Oman Air!

  • 11 May 2018, 9:51
  • Luis

Cheap flights from Prague to South Africa, returning to Cairo for only €255!

Open-jaw flights from Prague, Czech Republic to Johannesburg, South Africa, returning to Cairo, Egypt for only €255 roundtrip!

  • 27 Mar 2018, 19:30
  • Giovanni

First-minute flights from Kyiv to Ukrainian cities, Europe or Middle East and vice-versa from just €15!

Ukraine International Airlines are offering first minute flights for "early birds" from Kyiv to numerous European cities or Middle East and vice-versa starting from only €15 / 500 UAH for a roundtrip!

  • 24.3.2018 22:19
  • Jacob

DEAL ALERT! X-mas & New Year Business Class from Cairo to Sydney or Melbourne, Australia from €1170!

Fly in Business Class from Cairo, Egypt to Sydney or Melbourne from only €1170 roundtrip with Oman Air and Malaysia Airlines!

  • 5.7.2017 15:14
  • Luis

ERROR FARE! Business class flights from Egypt to New Zealand for only €541!

Error Fare Business Class flights from Cairo, Egypt to Auckland or Christchurch, New Zealand from only €541 round-trip with Singapore Airlines & Ethiopian Airlines!

  • 4/23/2017 11:01 AM
  • Jacob

ERROR FARE! X-mas and New Year Business Class from Cairo to Kochi, India for €430/ $462!

Take advantage of this mistake fare and fly from Cairo to Kochi, India in business class over Christmas and New Year for only €430 round-trip!

  • 3/21/2017 7:00 AM
  • Liu Yang

US forbids any device larger than cellphone on flights from 10 airports!

It’s official: TSA issued an emergency security directive banning large electronic items from carry-on luggage on direct flights from certain Middle Eastern and African airports to the US. The new requirement blocks passengers from bringing devices such as laptops, tablets, e-readers and cameras on board.

  • 9 Dec 2016, 11:12
  • Luis

Business Class from Amsterdam to Bangkok for only €983!

Egypt Air is offering comfortable flights at extremely low rates! Enjoy excellent service during a relaxing flat bed flight from only €983 roundtrip!