Cheap flights to Amman

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  • 25 Aug 2018, 16:35
  • Giovanni

2 in 1: Jordan and Cyprus in one trip from Budapest for only €48!

We've put together a great 2 in 1 trip for you! Visit Jordan and Cyprus in one trip from Budapest for €48 with Ryanair!

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  • 8.7.2018 8:00
  • João

Cheap non-stop flights from Bangkok to Amman, Jordan from only $398!

Royal Jordanian is offering cheap non-stop flights from Bangkok to Jordan! Book a ticket from only $398 for a roundtrip!

  • 11.4.2018 14:40
  • Luis

Cheap flights from Cyprus to Jordan or vice-versa for only €2 one-way!

Great deal! Fly from Paphos, Cyprus to Amman, Jordan or vice versa for only €2 one-way!

  • 21 Mar 2018, 15:04
  • Liu Yang

HOT! Super cheap flights between Corfu and Pisa or Paphos and Amman from just €1 each way!

Ryanair is offering extremely cheap flights to/from Corfu, Pisa, Paphos and Amman from just €1 each way

  • 28 Feb 2018, 21:00
  • João

7 in 1 trip from Germany for €135! Visit Mykonos, Athens, Crete, Paphos, Amman, Tel Aviv and Burgas (Black Sea)!

Amazing trip to Greece, Middle East and Black Sea! Visit Mykonos, Athens, Crete, Paphos, Amman, Tel Aviv and Burgas departing from Frankfurt and returning to Frankfurt Hahn for only €135!

  • 21 Feb 2018, 18:00
  • Jacob

4 in 1: Sofia to Jordan, Cyprus, Crete and Athens in one trip for only €97!

We've put together an amazing 4 in 1 trip for you! Visit Jordan, Cyprus, Crete and Athens in one trip from Sofia for €97 with Ryanair!

  • 6 Feb 2018, 21:04
  • João

Ryanair announces 14 new routes to Jordan! One route is already available for €41 return!

Ryanair and Jordan Tourism Board announced 14 new routes from 11 European countries to/from Amman or Aqaba, In Jordan! Service to Amman will start in March (from Paphos) while to/from Aqaba will start in October. Tickets from Paphos now available from €41 roundtrip!

  • 8 Nov 2017, 21:15
  • Giovanni

Many EU cities to Amman, Jordan from just €131!

Tarom is offering cheap fares from Brussels, Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, London, Budapest to fascinating Jordan from only €131 round trip!

  • 9/30/2017 10:00 AM
  • Liu Yang

Destination Fly4free: Jordan

Known for its authentic Middle Eastern culture and hospitable locals, Jordan is a land of fascinating contrasts and history. Apart from the legendary rock-cut temples of Petra and the very site where Jesus Christ is thought to have been baptized, you can explore the Roman, Ottoman, Persian and Egyptian relics, as well as deserts and beach resorts.

  • 3 Jun 2017, 19:57
  • João

HOT! Business class flights from Europe to many destinations in Asia from only €181!

Deal Alert! Ukraine International Airlines are selling business class flights from many European cities to Tehran, Iran for stunning €181 for a round trip!