cheap flights to Mongolia

  • 13 Mar 2020, 15:45
  • Luis

June: Cheap flights from Belgrade to Mongolia for only €315!

Cheap flights from Belgrade, Serbia to Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia for only €315 roundtrip with Turkish Airlines.

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  • 19 Jan 2020, 15:45
  • João

Spring and Summer! Cheap flights from Switzerland or France to Mongolia from only €338!

It's quite rare to get some cheap tickets to Mongolia, so take this opportunity and fly from Geneva, Switzerland or Paris, France to Ulaan Bataar from only €338 with Air China! 

  • 6 Oct 2019, 12:45
  • João

Trans-Siberian Adventure trough Russia and Mongolia from London from £316! Visit St. Petersburg, Moscow, Vladivostok, Ulan Ude, Ulan Bator and Lake Baikal!

Amazing trip across Russia and Mongolia! Fly from London, UK, visit St. Petersburg and Moscow, fly to the Far East Russian city of Vladivostok and return through the Transiberian stopping in Ulan Ude, Ulan Bator and Lake Baikal from £316!

  • 8/28/2019 4:05 PM
  • João

Cheap! Flights from Los Angeles to Mongolia from only $392!

It's very rare to get some cheap tickets to Mongolia, so take this opportunity and fly from Los Angeles, USA to Ulaan Bator from only $392 with Air China! 

  • 11/10/2018 10:30 AM
  • Liu Yang

Destination Fly4free: Mongolia

Mongolia will impress you with pristine nature attractions and rich nomadic heritage. A Bactrian camel ride and sleeping in a yurt under starry sky on the Gobi Desert will make your visit unforgettable!

  • 23 Sep 2018, 20:30
  • João

Cheap flights from Switzerland to Mongolia from only €349! 2 in 1 with Beijing available for €23 more!

Cheap flights from Geneva or Basel to Ulaan Bator, Mongolia from only €349 return with Air China! Multiple day stopover in Beijing available for only €372!

  • 30 Mar 2016, 19:30
  • James

Mongolia and Kazakhstan in one summer trip from Kiev for only 12286 UAH/ €413!

(UPDATE) Explore remote Mongolia and visit Kazakhstan on your way with cheap Air Astana flights from Ukraine! Fly next summer for only 12286 UAH/ €413 for a round trip!

  • 11 Sep 2015, 18:40
  • Liu Yang

Cheap open-jaw flights to Mongolia from Europe from only €441 (138 824 HUF)!

Explore Mongolia with cheap open-jaw flights from Europe! Air China is offering low fares from Budapest with returning back to Stockholm from just €441 (138 824 HUF)!

  • 21 Jul 2015, 14:55
  • Liu Yang

Summer open-jaw flights to Mongolia from Europe for only 451 EUR!

Have you ever dreamed about travelling to Mongolia? Now you've got a great opportunity to book cheap open jaw flights to Ulan Bator from 451.35 EUR! The lowest fare can be found if you start your journey in Oslo and return to Stockholm.