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  • 7/3/2017 10:53 AM
  • Luis

Many Canadian cities to Hawaii from only C$425!

United and Air Canada are offering a good fare for flights from Canada to Hawaii! You can fly from many Canadian cities starting at only C$425 round trip!

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  • 5/30/2017 3:30 PM
  • João

SUMMER: Many US and Canadian cities to Taiwan from just $359!

Air Canada and China Airlines have put on sale flights from multiple US and Canadian cities to Kaohsiung and Taipei, Taiwan with rates starting as low as $359 for a round trip!

  • 5/18/2017 10:30 AM
  • Liu Yang

Many Canadian cities to Australia from just C$900!

Good opportunity to visit the land of kangaroos and koalas! Qantas Airways are offering cheap flights from Toronto to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane starting at only C$900 round trip!

  • 5/9/2017 10:30 AM
  • Liu Yang

2 in 1: Edmonton to Iceland and Birmingham, UK for only C$433/$315!

Good opportunity to discover two European destinations in one trip! Icelandair is selling cheap flights from Edmonton to Birmingham with a stop in Reykjavik, Iceland for only C$433/$315 round trip!

  • 3/6/2017 1:45 PM
  • Liu Yang

Vancouver or Edmonton to sunny Florida from just CA$297!

Visit Florida with Alaska Airlines. Fly from Vancouver or Edmonton to Orlando from just C$297 round trip!

  • 3/1/2017 11:30 AM
  • Liu Yang

Many Canadian cities to Belize from just C$369!

Fly from one of many Canadian cities to Belize starting at only C$369!

  • 12/31/2016 10:00 AM
  • Liu Yang

Destination Fly4free: Western Canada

There are so many reasons to love Western Canada! This diverse and rugged region offers tourists a breathtaking, pristine mountain scenery, glaciers, lakes and huge attractions for skiers and snowboarders. As the federal government is providing free entry into national parks in 2017, this is the best time to explore the natural wonders of Canada!

  • 11/28/2016 12:51 AM
  • Luis

HOT! Los Angeles, Vancouver, Calgary or Edmonton to the Cook Islands from only $452!

Fly from Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton or Los Angeles to the Cook Islands from only $452 roundtrip with Air New Zealand and Air Canada.

  • 9/14/2016 4:30 PM
  • James

IMPORTANT! New Facebook page for deals from the USA and Canada!

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  • 8/26/2016 12:45 PM
  • Jacob

From Edmonton to Madagascar or Mauritius from just C$943!

Good chance to visit two of the world's most fascinating islands! Fly from Edmonton to Madagascar or Mauritius from just C$943 round trip!