from Frankfurt to Japan

  • 22 Dec 2017, 11:15
  • João

Cheap flights from Germany to Tokyo or Osaka from €368!

KLM is offering a good price for flights from Hamburg, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich or Berlin to Tokyo or Osaka, Japan! You can book a ticket from only €368 for a roundtrip!

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  • 16 Dec 2017, 15:50
  • João

Cheap flights from Frankfurt to many destinations in South Korea and Japan from only €370!

China Eastern Airlines are offering a good fare on flights from Frankfurt to destinations as Seoul, Jeju, Tokyo, Okinawa or Osaka! You can book a ticket from €370 for a roundtrip!

  • 19 Oct 2017, 13:00
  • Liu Yang

MEGA POST! Many European cities to Japan and South Korea from just €310!

China Eastern Airlines are offering cheap flights from Europe to Jeju Island, Seoul and many Japanese destinations, including the subtropical archipelago of Okinawa from only €310 round trip! Christmas dates slightly more expensive.

  • 15 Oct 2017, 9:10
  • Jacob

Germany, Bulgaria, Czech Republic or Hungary to Japan from only €335!

Great opportunity to discover Japan! KLM, Air France and ANA are offering cheap flights from Sofia, Prague, Budapest, Dusseldorf, Munich, Frankfurt, or Hamburg to Fukuoka! You can book a ticket from only €335 for a roundtrip!

  • 22 Jul 2016, 9:25
  • James

China Eastern Sale: From Germany to many destinations in Asia from €378!

China Eastern are running a sale from Frankfurt to several amazing Asian destinations. Visit Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, South Korea from €378 for a round trip!