ponta delgada

  • 13 Feb 2020, 21:30
  • Niva

Explore Portugal! Porto, Lisbon and four Azores islands from London for just £93!

Go and explore Portugal this spring! Fly from London and visit Lisbon and Porto – two main Portugese cities and catch a plane across Azores Archipelago!

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  • 11/19/2016 9:00 AM
  • Liu Yang

Destination Fly4free: the Azores

The paradise archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is renowned for its natural beauty with dense and diverse vegetation. The Azores are best known for volcanic landscape full of crater lakes and geothermal springs.

  • 11 Nov 2015, 14:58
  • Jacob

Cheap flight from several European cities to Azores starting at €39.96!

Best friend of the European backpackers Ryanair is offering cheap flights from several European cities to the scenic island of São Miguel in Azores. Tickets to Ponta Delgada are starting at €39.96 !

  • 20 Oct 2015, 12:37
  • Dario

Let’s discover Azores! Fly to Ponta Delgada from Italy from just €75!

Great combination of Ryanair and Easyjet flights is offering a good chance to fly cheap from Italy to the distant Ponta Delgada in Azores. You can choose your departure from Milan or Rome and book tickets from €75.51 for a round trip!

  • 10/19/2015 9:00 AM
  • James

Flights from Toronto to Azores and Madeira from only CA$346!

SATA International is offering an amazing deal for the flights from Toronto to Ponta Delgada (the Azores)! You can book the tickets starting at only CA$346 for a round trip!

  • 1 Oct 2015, 8:04
  • Jürgen

Cheap flights to Azores from Lisbon from €20!

easyJet is offering super cheap tickets between Lisbon and Azores. Let's visit the Island with one of the best trekking trials around Atlantic Ocean. Tickets to Ponta Delgada from only €20 round trip!

  • 24 Sep 2015, 14:17
  • Jürgen

*UPDATE* Cheap flights to Azores from Lisbon for only €29.98!

Cheap flights to beautiful Azores from Lisbon. Tickets to Ponta Delgada and back for only €35.98!

  • 16 Jul 2015, 19:45
  • Niva

Visit Porto and Azores in one trip from Germany for only 99.96 EUR!

Check out these cheap flights from Germany to Portugal! Fly from Memmingen and visit both Porto and Azores in one trip! Travel in November with Ryanair for only 99.96 EUR round trip!

  • 29 Jun 2015, 17:19
  • Jürgen

Flights to Azores from Porto and Lisbon for 49.98 EUR

Ryanair is offering cheap flights from Lisbon and Porto to Azores. Tickets to Ponta Delgada for only 49.98 EUR for round trip.

  • 21 Mar 2015, 12:18
  • Bjørn

Lisbon and Azores in one trip from Hamburg from 84 EUR

Fly to Azores in April using cheap Ryanair flights to Ponta Delgada! Flights from Hamburg with a stop in Lisbon from 84 EUR!