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Author:  Washington [ 08 Jan 2018 01:27 ]
Post subject:  FAQ

How to create a new topic?
- before creating a topic check if a similar topic already exists
- before creating a topic check if you put it in the appropriate forum
- name the topic in a way that allows other to guess its content
- customize the subject of the post to the forum in which you place it. If you want to ask about attractions, do not ask about transport or safety in same post - write few separate topics in the relevant forums. In this way you help to keep the forum transparent.
- failure to comply with the above regulations will result in editing or moving of post, and in the case of lack of improvement in future behavior - in deleting of inappropriate topics / posts.

I don't understand some of the abbreviations used in the forum. What do they mean?
- take a look at our mini dictionary mini-dictionary-of-abbreviations,19,5

Why my topic / post has been deleted / I got the warning / I was baned?
- first read the forum regulations forums-regulations,19,3 and check the conscience
- if you still do not know - write a private message to the moderator who took action, or if you can not write private message - email us at
- if moderator cannot help dispel your doubts - contact administrator

How can I upload photos on the forum?
- you can do it in two ways:
- by posting a photo as an attachment (click "post reply", than find "Upload attachment" section, first select and next upload attachment; you can insert uploaded attachement in any place of the text by selecting "Put in the message")
- by inserting a link from an external site (such as flickr) in the text between [img]yourlink[/img]

Why I cannot send private message?
- you can send private messages only after you have written at least 3 posts. This is a protection against spammers.
- do not spam to achieve this goal.

Who should I contact with my concerns about the functioning of the homepage?
- write to the editor (orange nicknames) a private message or email us
- do NOT write to forum moderators - we only deal with the forum

How can I contact with forum administration?
- you can contact the administration of the forum by email or by sending a private message to one of the administrators.

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