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 Post subject: eDreams
#1 PostPosted: 23 Mar 2018 11:14 

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What do you think about eDreams? They've been offering many very discounted offers lately.

Personally I've booked quite a few times with them and everything was always all right with LCC bookings, but how about legacy carriers?
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 Post subject: Re: eDreams
#2 PostPosted: 06 Sep 2018 09:36 

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Here is an account of my absurd experience with eDreams, avoid them at all costs:

I have booked a flight through eDreams on July 10th 2018 using my Prime account. I am traveling in the framework of my work for a French university, which means I am supposed to be reimbursed for the flight tickets.
However, it is impossible to be reimbursed for a flight ticket without providing an official invoice.
The deadline for submitting this invoice is one week before the travel date, which is in two days from today. Otherwise, I will not be reimbursed.

At a moment of purchase on July 10th I have requested such an invoice, but have received nothing. I then proceeded to make this request several times through the website, and to contact their customer service by phone. Still nothing. I also sent an email to a designated Prime email address and approached eDreams through social media.

The story took an absurd turn last week, as my request started becoming urgent, as my deadline for submitting an invoice approached.
I have called the Prime customer service 11 times over the last week.
None of the representatives I have had on the phone has been able to solve my problem, simply relaunching the demand for an invoice.

I have verified that this was not a problem with the email address I use for my account, as representatives sent me other emails which have been received successfully.

Seeing that there was evidently a technical failure on their part, I have demanded to speak to a manager.
9 out of the 11 representatives I have had on the phone refused to put a manager on the phone. Most said they were "not allowed" to do this. One said my request was not "important enough" and that there were other cases "more urgent" than mine.

One said to call back in an hour an guaranteed I'll have a manager. When I did, I was told I will get a call from a manager within the next 24 hours. I did not.

One representative with whom I talked finally agreed to get a hold of a manager, but simply put me on hold for exactly 52 minutes (I have recorded the entire lenght of the charming music that accompanies this wait). After this wait, I called from another line to be told that no managers were present as this is the weekend.

I was therefore lied to, and put on hold for almost one hour by a representative knowing full well no one was going to pick up my call.

This was the breaking point for me.

I am now left with a huge problem, risking not being reimbursed for this flight, which cost almost 600 euros.

I hope you learn from my errors and never book with them.
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 Post subject: Re: eDreams
#3 PostPosted: 17 Jun 2019 12:16 

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Beware of the hidden charges when booking flights with EDreams.

I booked flight tickets to Spain using EDreams.

What a big mistake!

Once I had filled in all of the details required, the total cost of £196 was shown. (The price I was expecting). As soon as I hit the confirm button, the price went up to £ 254!

Too late to change as this would incur unfair charges also. When I contacted them I found them uncooperative and was continually blocked from speaking to a manager. I was promised a call back from one within 4 hours. You guessed it never came!! To add insult to injury, I was charged £8 for the call!!!

Never again. My advice does not touch them with a barge pole.
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